***Curbside hours are***


Wednesdays 5pm-9pm


Fridays 6pm-10pm

Use the form below to choose which Pi you would like and how many.

Your order will be submitted as a Pre-Order until you arrive. We do this to ensure the best quality and freshness you can experience ordering curbside. (Expect it to take about the same amount of time a large pizza slice would take at a NY style pizzeria.)

After your Pre-Order is submitted, you will be prompted to Pay What You Can. We recommend a minimum $10 per Pi in order for us to be advantageous with helping our Service Industry Community.

Our address will be emailed to you immediately after your Pre-Order. Savannah will be waiting for you. She will initiate your order and keep you company at a healthy, social distance.

Immediately drive home or pull over in a parking lot to enjoy.

Eat it delicately. Scarf it down. Share it from a social distance. Rub it all over your body basking in the glory of Pi and all the happiness pizza brings to you...However you enjoy it, always remember you helped our Service Industry Community, and we are eternally grateful!

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