What is typical service like?

Doors Open at 3:14pm.

Come early and volunteer! We love having help with cutting vegetables and proteins, picking fresh herbs, lighting the oven, or setting up. Anything helps!

Communion starts at 5:13.

At this time we all start with a Communal drink of the day. We all start as ONE. 

Service starts at 5:39

We first serve vegetables and proteins cooked in the oven, family style. 

We then start creating! We stop when we're out of dough!

What do I bring?

Bring whatever topping your heart desires. Our congregation has brought some very curious ingredients for us to create with, from crawfish, to fruit by the foot, to beef jerky. There's no limit! Keep in mind, one fruit or vegetable will go a long way.

What makes this a church?

We believe in community. In helping others. In teaching others. We want to help our community learn and experience old world food preparation. Soon enough, we will have workshops on dough making, charcuterie, cheese making, vegetable and herb cultivation, and wood-fire oven maintenance. Our ultimate goal isn't financial profit. Our ultimate goal is sharing our love of food, wine, technique, and Pi(e). 

What do the donations go towards?

We fund this project completely out of pocket. Any and all donations help. All donations make the church function. Without donations from our congregation, our church will close. 

How can I be involved/volunteer?

Sign up to become a member, and we'll send you updates on what we're doing, when we're offering classes, and what you can do to help!

Is this really a cult?

Technically, yes. A cult is a religious organization whose founding members are still living. Brent and Shane are still alive and well, so by definition, we are a cult. Don't worry though, spaceships or kool-aid are not involved.

What does your logo mean?

Pi:The infinite creator. 

Equals with caret above: Mathematical symbol for an approximate number

5 Pepperoni: The 5 Flavor profiles according to Traditional Chinese Medicine: Sour, Bitter, Sweet, Pungent, Salty.

Circle: The wholeness of self and soul. 

Pi is a precise approximation (paradox) that supports the 5 flavor profiles, and creates wholeness of self and soul. 

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