Cult of Pi

Financial Goals

We will always have recurring costs. Firewood, flour, tomatoes, plants, and property maintenance. These are priority as we can't function without them. Once these costs are covered, overflow will be saved towards the following:

Goal #1: Permanent Location

Option 1 Phase 1


We absolutely love hosting Cult of Pi in our back yard. Unfortunately we don't have a structure over our service area to prevent seasonal interruption. With landlord approval, we can build a structure to help us provide services year around. 


Option 1 Phase 2 


We would love to continue hosting, potentially rent free. If Phase 1 manifests, we would then pursue purchasing the property. The Westside isn't cheap by any means, we're anticipating around a $400,000 purchase price. This would be ultimate, as we can live above the Church, have a space dedicated to the Church below us, and maintain the grassroots feel and experience. We absolutely love our residence.

Option 2 


While we dream of owning our building one day, it might not be possible. We want to ensure we have a solid congregation first before we approach the owners of the property about purchasing. If this doesn't work out, then we'll need to find a brick and mortar location outside of our residence. This gets a bit tricky. We'll need to find a place that has a woodfire oven, or somewhere with the possibility of building one. It would allow us more space, but we would have another monthly financial obligation with rent. This would make logistics of this project quite a bit more difficult. We would have to seat more people, more frequently, and ultimately lose the intimate experience that is Cult of Pi. We are creative people, and we know we can still make it work. If we take this route, we will ensure that it will still feel special. 

Goal #2: Farming Property

Phase 1


We want to purchase property to farm. Our vision is to have a modest amount of land, around 1-3 acres, ideally in an urban setting within Kansas City. With this property we'll grow all produce used for Cult of Pi, and donate excess to those in need. When the farm is established, it will be a way for our congregation to learn about agriculture, and share it with the community. 

Phase 2

With our property being established as a farm, and flourishing, we expand once more. We add a dairy cow, goat, and/or sheep. We're not thinking about a huge operation here, just 1-3 animals to get milk from. We then will use this milk to make fresh mozzerella for Cult of Pi. The biproduct will then be used to make ricotta. We want to do this old world style. In a giant copper cauldron over a fire. As if you went to a secluded mountain town in Italy and found a family that's been making it for generations. When the animals have expired, we will honor them with immortality, by creating charcuterie to use for Pi. Once established, it will be yet another learning opportunity for us, our congregation, and our community.

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